A Light in Dark Places 2017

A Light in Dark Places 2017

Stella Adler Lab Theatre Co. presents…
A Light in Dark Places

A Light in Dark Places is a series of plays that aim to open up discussion about the taboo subject of suicide in a way that brings us closer together as a community. These plays offer up a variety of perspectives on the subject. Whether or not you have been personally effected by suicide, this night will bring understanding, hope, and the reminder that sometimes it is okay to not be okay.

Kelly O’Malley

Salim Aliaga

Production Consultant:
Kaz Matamura

Cesar Di Bello, Claudia Doumit, Austin Iredale, Maia Nikiphoroff, Rick Peters

Featuring original works by:
Chip Bolcik, Kenneth Cosby, Nicholas Jaqua, Jim Kuenzer & Blake Lewis

James Aguiar, Dante Belardinelli, Katie Booth, Arleen Braithwaite, Fira Budiman, Owen Conway, Kinjal Dave, Patrick Davis, Susan Dunlap, Arthur Louis Fuller, Mitch Holden, Trang Le, Noi Maeshige, Sabastiano Pestoni, Robert Sprayberry, Alexandria Steele

Sept. 8-17, 2017
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 7pm
*There will be a Q&A following opening and closing nights. Ask questions of the directors, writers and members of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

There will be a reception following each performance with wine and light snacks.

Tickets are donation based with a suggested amount of $15
All proceeds will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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A Light in Dark Places 2017