Isaac Babel And The Black Sea

A Workshop Production of Tim McNeil’s new play: Isaac Babel And The Black Sea

Isaac Babel and the Black Sea is a fictionalized look at the contradictions, the mysteries, and the beauty of the life of the famous Soviet writer Isaac Babel, as he struggles to find his way in the Stalin-era Soviet Union.

Directed by Tim McNeil
Produced by Rochelle Rossman for Stella Adler Lab Theatre Co.
Assistant to the Director Anastasia Burenina

Danté Belardinelli, Anastasia Burenina, Teo Celigo, Meghan Leone Cox, Austin Philip Iredale, Trang Le, Chervine Namani, Maia Nikiphoroff, Fanny Rosen, Stephen Sitkowski

Aug 21-Sept 13, 2015
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 7pm

General Admission: $15; Students/Seniors: $5

Article and Interview with writer Tim McNeil — Click here.


“The play, Isaak Babel and the Black Sea written and directed by Tim McNeil and produced by Rochelle Rossman, was so true, spare and distilled to its elements, that it made one gasp and come up for air. First of all –the faces. They were just like the ones I remembered from reading and the old photographs. When Anastasia Burenina (as Anna Ahkmatova) read her verses–I felt as if a supernatural event was taking place.

All the actors were outstanding. At times, to overcome the  terror of the events taking place on stage, I had to close my eyes for a second and when I opened them, I saw tears in the eyes of some young people in the audience.

When the play was over, I thought about the fact that how little we learn from history….about the McCarthy period in the USA and the persecution of the intellectuals…of the bloody civil war in the former Yugoslavia, that was similar in its cruelty to the Russian civil war of 1918….and of the ISIS….

And isn’t it what HIGH ART is all about?”

–Ida Eisler