Play Production 3 presents

George Bernard Shaw’s

Directed by Susan Vinciotti Bonito

In a middle class country estate in England a successful merchant lives with his dotty wife, daughter and son. The daughter’s fiancé is visiting them when the fiancé’s father, an aristocrat, arrives. The girl is obviously fickle and foolish and the boy, though intelligent, is a raw coward. Into their midst comes a sputtering airplane with a pilot who turns out to be an old school chum of the fiancé’s and a Polish woman acrobat. All of the males make up to her in succession. Then along comes a youth with a gun to kill the merchant father. The hub of the action is this: the girl falls in love with the pilot while the fiancé is so awed by the Polish acrobat that he willingly flies off with her, even though he is scared to death.

Cast: Cesar Di Bello, Sam Marin, Morgan Galavan, Ashkan Ghorbani, Philip Lee, Oksana Maria Lorczak, Sullivan Moore, David Thor, Silvia Zeisel

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General $10, Students/Seniors $5

July 31-August 16, 2015
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 7pm