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In The Wake

In The Wake by Lisa Kron It’s Thanksgiving of 2000 and the presidential election still has not been decided. Ellen insists that her friends and family don’t understand how bad the situation really is. But no one, not her loving partner, Danny, nor the passionate Amy, nor the brutally pragmatic and world-weary Judy can make Ellen see the blind spot

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Isaac Babel And The Black Sea

A Workshop Production of Tim McNeil’s new play: Isaac Babel And The Black Sea Isaac Babel and the Black Sea is a fictionalized look at the contradictions, the mysteries, and the beauty of the life of the famous Soviet writer Isaac Babel, as he struggles to find his way in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. Directed by Tim McNeil Produced by

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Play Production 3 presents George Bernard Shaw’s Misalliance Directed by Susan Vinciotti Bonito In a middle class country estate in England a successful merchant lives with his dotty wife, daughter and son. The daughter’s fiancé is visiting them when the fiancé’s father, an aristocrat, arrives. The girl is obviously fickle and foolish and the boy, though intelligent, is a raw

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The History Boys

The History Boys by Alan Bennett directed by Milton Justice Assistant Director Teddy Scott Produced by Rochelle Rossman Set Design by Mark Donnelly Lighting Design by David Carreno STELLA ADLER LAB THEATRE COMPANY has announced its 2015 Summer Production. Alan Bennett’s The History Boys to be directed by Academy Award winner Milton Justice. Justice directed the critically acclaimed production Six

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