Three Shorts

Three Shorts

Stella Adler Lab Theatre presents:

Three Shorts by Tim McNeil

Produced by Rochelle Rossman
Executive Producer John Jack Rodgers

The Stella Adler Lab Theatre Company is proud to present Three One Act Shorts by the talented playwright Tim McNeil. Purplish, Schism and The Straight Bozo.

Playwright Mona is dying of cancer and trying to understand what comes after. She recruits her estranged love Amanda to help her discover the truth of her life, her love, and her career, in a most unusual way.

Starring Meghan Cox and Maia Nikiphoroff
Directed by Alex Aves
Assistant Director Cesar DiBello

Urban has set up a Second Vatican in a Kansas farmhouse, where he and his devoted assistant Milla will attempt to bring down the corrupt Rome Vatican in this absurdist comedy about religion, desire, and love.

Starring Fanny Rosen and Tim McNeil
Directed by Meghan Cox
Assistant Director Alex Lemus

Evan Dougherty is a man with a secret traveling the morning commute on the Long Island Railroad. The secret will slowly come to light in this farcical comedy about the lives, worries, and anxieties of Wall Street’s workers.

Starring Tim McNeil, Brad Kaz, and Nikki McCauley
Directed by Melanie Jones
Assistant Director Alex Lemus

August 15 – September 7, 2014
Friday & Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 7pm