Towne Street Theatre Ten Minute Play Festival

TST – Ten-Minute Play Festival 2018

10th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival

The theme is, “Celebration”

The Plays

War Babies
Through, a Black woman discovers she has a half Korean sister and they meet to celebrate for the first time and reveal the highs and lows of the relationship they had with their mutual Black dad.

A Ferry Tale
An elderly blind woman is celebrating a special moment as she does every year, but this time finds the lost love of her life.

Amy And Neil
A couple celebrates their relationship over a candlelit argument.

Not My Type
While shopping for lingerie for her honeymoon, a mature woman tries to convince the younger salesperson to dump her boring fiancee.

Birthday Getaway
Two sons confront their father who has chosen to skip out on his birthday party.

$500 An Hour
On their anniversary, a husband and wife use another man in a fantasy to spike things up.

The Funeral
Woman celebrating her unusual mother’s life and their unorthodox mother/daughter relationship.

Sabrina’s Christening
On the day of their baby’s christening,Katie wants to call it off. Her husband works on convincing her not to.

Let’s Stay Together, Al Green
4 coworkers planning a retirement party practice a song based on Al’s Green’s Let’s Stay Together, while discussing the trials and tribulations of office life.

The Wedding Topper
At a wedding, Two cake toppers, GROOM and BRIDE,come to life and discuss the possibility of married couples living happily ever after together.

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April 6-29
Friday and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 4pm

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