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Online Workshops

Come join us for an online Acting Workshop this Summer!

Participants must be 18 and over. If you are under the age of 18 please have a guardian contact Alex at to set up a time to speak.



Course Descriptions. Click each item for full course description.


ACTING IS DOING ~ Aug 9, 10a-1p

Instructor: Laura Leyva

Date: August 9, 10a-1p

Price: $75

Length: A three hour lecture with a Q & A

An introduction to the foundation of the principles and practices of the Adler approach to Acting for the 21st century. Familiarize (or refresh) participants with the Adler approach to Acting for a better understanding of the Technique.

ACTING IS REACTING ~ Aug 16, 10a-1p

Instructor: Laura Leyva

Date: August 16, 10a-1p

Price: $75

Length: One three hour session

Capacity: 8 – 10

An introduction or refresher course in the understanding and uses of the 3 Levels of Reacting. This is a 3 hour work session in the techniques of reactions and their meanings and uses. The attendee will leave with a practical understanding, and use of, this part of the Stella Adler technique.

IMAGINATION WORKSHOP ~ Aug 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 9am-12pm

Instructor: Tim McNeil

Dates: August 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 9am-12pm

Price: $300

Length: 6, three hour classes (over two weeks)

Capacity: 10

The imagination is a powerful tool for actors to create character and connect to the depths of the circumstances. In the Imagination Workshop, we will exercise our imagination, and explore how to use the imagination more specifically, particularly in the creation of character and connecting to the circumstances of the script. The actors will work on assigned characters, and will finish with the performance of monologues.

ON CAMERA TECHNIQUE ~ Aug 2-4, 10a-1p or Aug 10-12, 6p-9p

Instructor: Rick Peters

Total hours: 5.5

Class sessions: 2 (First class 2.5 hours, second class 3 hours)

Option A: August 2 and August 4, 10am-1pm

Option B: August 10 and August 12, 6pm-9pm

Price: $150

Capacity: 10

This introductory class will help actors create elements of their own technique for understanding how to experience nuanced, believable, work on camera. This work emphasizes thinking as character, the thinking that is based on circumstances that determines how dialogue is exchanged, and just as importantly, sometimes more importantly, the thinking within the focused stillness of listening.

AUDITION SKILLS ~ Aug 3 & 5, 6p-8p OR Aug 16 & 18, 10a-12p

Instructor: Rick Peters‚Äč

Length: Two, two hour sessions

Option 1: August 3 and August 5, 6pm-8pm

Option 2: August 16 and August 18, 10am-12pm

Price: $100

Capacity: 6

An intensive workshop guiding students through the audition process. Sides will be emailed, in advance, giving the actors time to work on the scenes and put themselves on tape. The first session will begin with instruction about the overall audition process, followed by reviewing the self tapes together and hearing feedback. New sides will be assigned for the second session and this process will be repeated, ending with a Q&A.

LUCID BODY MOVEMENT (BASICS) ~ Aug. 10 and 12, 10a-1p

Instructor: Caitlin Apparcel

Dates: August 10 and 12, 10a-1p

Length: Two 3 hour sessions

Price: $175

Capacity: 12

An intensive psycho-physical approach to movement training. In this class, actors develop a detailed technique for how the thoughts and feeling of their characters are expressed through physical movement and behavior. During this introductory term, a large emphasis is placed on self-awareness. This gives actors the freedom to engage their bodies in new ways in their acting and to make choices that serve the truth of their characters. This is a valuable class for students of all levels.

DIALECTS ~ Aug 17 and 19, 10a-11:30a

Instructor: Tim Kopacz

Dates: August 17 and 19, 10a-11:30a

Price: $75

Length: Two, 1.5 hours Sessions

Capacity: 8

A short masterclass in a dialect, either as review or as acquisition. Options: Standard British, Cockney, Irish, American Southern, New York, Russian. Goal: to train in the sounds of another dialect for use in audition and performance.

WRITING WORKSHOP ~ Aug. 10-Sept 14 at 9am-12pm

Instructor: Tim McNeil

Date: August 10-Sept 14, 9am-12pm

Price: $500

The Writing Workshop focuses on foundational aspects of writing for film, television, and theater. The class gives the students an in depth look at story, character, structure, conflict and much more. What makes a great script? How do you construct a story? How do you tell stories that matter to both actors and audiences? How do you develop the habits of a writer? These questions will be answered and many more!


Term Dates


Summer (Hybrid Plan)
June 28-August 20

SCHOOL BREAK: August 24-August 28

Late Summer
August 30-October 22

October 25-December 17


January 5-February 25

February 28-April 22

SCHOOL BREAK: April 25-April 29

Late Spring
May 2-June 24

June 27-August 19

SCHOOL BREAK: August 22-August 26

Late Summer
August 29-October 21

October 24-December 16

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