Part-Time Program

Students may choose part time or individual classes.

Course Information

Part time (U.S. Students)

Students may choose to take part time or individual classes.

Students will need to follow the curriculum and cannot take classes that have prerequisites before filling the requirements. Please see the Courses page for full class descriptions and details.

If you are a part time student you may move to full time at any time (and visa versa).

Every class taken will count towards graduation (even if you do not complete in the 2 year time frame).

Part Time (non U.S. citizen/non-greencard holders)

Students from other countries, without a permanent resident card or other valid visa, may participate in classes for one term on a tourist visa. Class hours per week can not exceed 15 hours (which usually equals one or two classes maximum). Any classes taken by a foreign citizen, while not on our student visa, will count as a workshop and will not count towards graduation. If you wish to transfer onto our VISA and enter the two year program all classes taken on a tourist visa must be retaken. There is a $45 application fee and a $100 non-refundable registration fee.

Term Dates


June 27 - August 19

SCHOOL BREAK: August 22 - August 26

Late Summer
August 29 - October 21

October 24 - December 16


January 9 – February 24

February 27– April 21

SCHOOL BREAK; April 24 – April 28

Late Spring
May 1 – June 23

June 26– August 18

SCHOOL BREAK: August 21 – August 25

Late Summer
August 28 – October 20

October 23– December 15

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