Group Travel Workshops

Youth workshops for the non-actor.

Group Workshop Brochure

Group Travel Workshops

Workshops are available for young students. You can choose from four fun, fast-paced youth workshops for the “non-actor.” These workshops expand the imagination and encourage growth in learning and in life.

Student Youth imagiNATION Workshops:

  • imagiNATION/Improvisation Workshop
  • imagiNATION/Mask Workshop
  • imagiNATION/Acting Workshop
  • Film Industry Celebrity Q&A Session

Wendy Taylor-Smith

Workshop Descriptions
*Prices of workshops are based on groups of 15 or more. See brochure for additional details.

Improvisation Workshop

An active, creative highly energized workshop that encourages team building and interrelating. Through fact paced, imaginative theatre games, improv exercises and role playing, participants will learn to leap past limiting personal boundaries, while heightening their listening skills and encouraging a new sense of self. And it is sooooo much fun!

Acting Workshop

A fun, on-your-feet way for students to begin to play with some of the basic tools of creating an interesting character. Participants will connect the dots from physical movement, to mannerisms, to behavior and even profession – all the way to the full life of their own imaginary person. They will interact with their fellow students imaginary characters in an imaginary place. In this workshop, students use their imaginations to create the story of a character and learn to communicate that story to others.

Mask Workshop

An on-your-feet workshop. Behind the mask you are free to create exciting and surprising, larger-than-life personalities. Because the mask hides the self, students are able to delve deep into untapped creative potential. Focusing on spontaneous expression, play and transformation, this workshop will engage in a series of performance exercises and games that explore the concerts of organic development of character and learn to communicate that story to others.

Movement for Character Workshop

A physical, fun and creative workshop that helps students approach the nature of character. Acting comes from action. This workshop explores the core of a character through exercises. Strong characters demand strong choices. The real, natural, unedited and raw energy of animals provides us with authentic and organic choices, which leads to truthful actions and reactions. Acting is an experience full of unexpected surprises that can be discovered and explored by beginning with the animals and their movement patterns.

Film Industry Celebrity Q&A Session

Subject to Availability

This rare, once in a lifetime opportunity for students to interact with respected members of the Entertainment Industry in a relaxed setting. This speaker will discuss the imaginative creative process. Students will be encouraged to interview the celebrity speaker, creating a conversation between student and professional.

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