Full-time, part-time or individual classes available.



Full-time, part-time or individual classes available.


Admissions and Registration

Applications must be submitted online:
Upon submission of a completed application, applicants will be required to complete an interview (either in person or over skype/the phone). Acceptance is based on the on-line application and interview. We do not require an audition for acceptance unless applicant is seeking advanced placement. Students are evaluated at the end of every term by the faculty, pending evaluation, student may move up-ward in the program.

Application requirements (to be uploaded via acceptd):

  • Resume/CV (as a PDF file)
  • Headshot or photo (color/front facing)
  • Introduction Essay
  • High School Diploma or Degree from a Higher Level of Education
    (Official Transcripts from High School or a University Degrees will be
    accepted but must include graduation date)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Application fee of $45

Additional application requirements for International Students:

  • Passport
  • Proof of $30,800 in funds (proving you have the funds to live and study
    in the US)
  • Letter of support from financial sponsor (if applicable)

Upon acceptance there is a $100 registration fee.

Re-application procedures: Any student who previously applied and elected not to register or was denied admission, and/or any student who withdrew or was dismissed must re-apply as per normal admission requirements.

Term Dates


January 5-February 25

February 28-April 22

SCHOOL BREAK: April 25-April 29

Late Spring
May 2-June 24

June 27-August 19

SCHOOL BREAK: August 22-August 26

Late Summer
August 29-October 21

October 24-December 16

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