David Thor Katrinarson

Alumnus David Thor Katrinarson recently appeared in the series, True Detective: Night Country on Max. David plays the part of Officer Cooper.

After graduating Stella Adler, he was cast as Avery in The Flick in the Reykjavík City Theater. He was nominated for best actor in the Icelandic Performance Arts Awards 2017 (Gríman). The Reykjavík City Theatre ranks among Iceland’s oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions. Its history stretches back more than a century to the foundation of the Reykjavík Theatre Company in 1897

He also appeared in the National Premiere of The Play That Goes Wrong playing Charles Haversham also in the Reykjavík City Theater. https://www.borgarleikhus.is/syningar/s%C3%BDningin-sem-klikkar/

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