Bryan McCoy

Alumnus Bryan McCoy appears in season 6 of Animal Kingdom. He plays the character “Cisco” in episode 10. He is featured in a fight scene with Shawn Hatosy. Recently, Bryan played a character named Chepe on Season 3, Episode 6 on the new season of Mayans MC. He also has a recurring role as Yosef Naval, a character on Seal Team. Season 4 episodes 09, 10, and 11. He also doubled for the actor Kumail Nanjian who plays ‘Kingo’, a superhero in the new Marvel movie: The Eternals.

Bryan also coordinated the stunts in the new Machine Gun Kelly music video: My Ex’s Best Friend. He can be seen performing the ‘pipe ramp’ which showcases him flipping a car mid air.

Past work includes the television series, From Dusk Till Dawn (Season 3, Episode 4). He is also an accomplished stunt performer.

Bryan recently opened his own stunt company, Real McCoy Stunts.

Bryan McCoy

Machine Gun Kelly Music Video

Bryan McCoy Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

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